Sunday, August 17, 2008

Recording on the Computer

I have received calls from parents inquiring how to record on the computer. Here are the instructions for doing so.

NOTE: Not all computers have built-in microphones, and therefore not all computers can record (unless you purchase a separate recorder).

For Windows users who have built-in microphones:
1) Open up the menu
2) Press
3) Press
4) Press
5) Open the program
6) To use the program, you press the red circle also know as the button. There is a 60-second limit, so to continue recording after 60 seconds is up, press the record button again.

NOTE: If the green sound waves remain static despite your reading to the computer, then you probably do not have a built-in microphone. If this is the case, please record your reading on a cassette tape or CD instead.

For Mac users:
1) Audacity is a great, free program to use for recording purposes. Install from .
2) To record, open up Audacity and press the red button.

For all computer-recording students:
1) After you have finished recording, save your file as .wav file.
2) Email the file by attaching it.

Happy recording!

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