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03/13/2011 G8 教学内容与家庭作业

03/13/2011 教学内容与家庭作业 (This week's class content)

1、 学习第九课《世界奇迹金字塔》
2、AP Prep 写作- personal letter

本周家庭作业 (This week's homework)
1、Quiz on Lesson 8
2、Type and translate 第九课《美丽富饶的天山》
3、finish 12 work book A_9
personal letter, 3 free response- conversation, cultural presentation, and event plan (books).
Personal letter:
Imagine you received a letter from a Chinese pen pal, he mentions that he spends most of his spare time playing games. Write a reply in letter format, write about the video games that you have played or have heard about. Justify your opinions with specific reasons and examples.

Answere conversation questions:

1. 你们学校历史上有那些有名的校友,可以介绍一下吗?(alumni)

2. 你们学校是公立学校还是私立学校? 有些人说私立学校是位夫人见的,你的看法是什么?


4。你们学校的毕业生一般上那些大学? 为什么?

5。 如果你伤的是一个私立大学,你准备怎么解决学费的问题?


Cultural presentation:
Find a school calendar from a senior high school in china on the internet. In your presentation, describe the school's curriculum, including midterm and end of school exams. Describe how many terms the school has, when these begin and end, and when the school vacations are. Also, compare this school calendar with yours.

Event plan:

Your class plans to buy some books. You have the opportunity to plan a fair to buy these books. In your presentation, explain the purpose of the fair, what you will sell and why.

未来活动 (Future events)

3/20/2010 Quiz on Lesson 9 (on Page 85)
3/20/2010 学习第十课《灰尘的旅行》

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